Fight of the Castle AR

Fight of the castle AR is an epic tower defence like game, using Augmented Reality! It’s one of my earliest game concepts published to the Google Play store, with success!

It has been used for the Live Game Board, which makes it easier to access more augmented reality games without having to print out different images.

In Fight of the Castle AR you have to defend you castle by shooting at the enemy using touch. Physically zooming into the play field makes it easier to hit the targets.


  • Create a mobile game
  • Save game progress
  • Learn more about Augmented Reality

What I’ve learned

  • Augmented Reality development using Unity
  • Finishing a mobile game
  • UI

Hardcore Gabber Drums App

What started as a university project, quickly became a populair app within the university. The Hardcore Gabber Drums app is an unusual drumkit! It’s a drumkit for the hardcore music genre.

The app has over 30k unique downloads and is installed on over 500 active devices. It’s available on both Google Play and Windows Phone store.


  • Learn about audio within Unity
  • Develop on multiple screen resolutions
  • Multiplatform development

What I’ve learned

  • Constantly update with new features according to user feedback
  • Building UI for different screen sizes
  • Mobile development using Unity

Link to Google Play store:
Link to Windows Phone store:

Bridge Builder Racer

Bridge Builder Racer started as a University project to fully learn SOLID principles. Using these principles I have fully developed my game Bridge Builder Racer.

To learn about publishing and the procces involved, I have published the game on Steam. This way I could also learn about implementing Steam achievements, Steam cloud and Steam Leaderboards.

The game has been successfully launched and picked up by some major content creators.


  • Create maintainable code using some SOLID principles
  • Finishing an entire game
  • Game publishing on Steam

What I’ve learned

  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Cloud
  • Steam Leaderboards
  • Full game design proces
  • Clean coding, to make it easier to add new content to the game

Link to Steam store:
Link to content creators video: