Bridge Builder

Bridge Builder is based on Bridge Constructor and Trails, created in my free time. Combining the best of the 2 games to create your bridge to get from A to B on multiple levels.

Focus of the project:

  • Create good and sustainable code according to industry standards
  • Level Design
  • Project Management
  • Market research
  • Playability / Unity UI

Lessons learned:

  • SOLID principles is a good way to minimize bugs / tackle them easily
  • User testing is extremely important
  • MVC model is an easy method to use together with Unity UI and Unity Events
  • Unity UI for multiple screen resolutions

Link to playable web build:

Link to research methods:

Link to coding standard research:


Goalkeeper is a Kinect game designed for a client which is a physiotherapist, allowing clients to play the game while in the background we record their movement. Later on the physiotherapist can playback all the movement again to see were the customer is moving wrongly.

Focus of the project:

  • Make the game accessible for all ages
  • Working closely with 3D artists and programmers
  • Prototyping of multiple techniques to record muscles

Lessons learned:

  • Research on multiple techniques (Myo, phone, Kinect)
  • Give advise for client on best methods to record data
  • Give advise based on client needs

Link to prototyping:

Philips Hue

My internship project for Philips Lighting (now known as Signify) was to give them advice on how to implement the Hue system into Unity. My advice was based on a game developer needs, thus I’ve also created a game together with the Hue to research what was missing, and what was right.

Focus of the project:

  • Research Hue API
  • Research posibilties
  • Market research (Why use Hue to enchance experience over VR?)
  • Create game based on Philips needs

Lessons learned:

  • User testing is extremely important!
  • Game shouldn’t be too scary in case it is getting used as a demo

A demo of the game:



Matrix is a train simulation based on the real tracks of the Netherlands. This way the Dutch railway could safely test new time schedules / scenarios.

Focus of the project:

  • Maintaing a large project
  • Working with external tools to receive data in Unity

Lessons learned

  • Working closely with collegues using SCRUM
  • Reasearching and implementing techniques for large scale maps to tackle floating point precsion using floating origin solution
  • Working with strict deadlines

Hardcore Gabber Drums

The Hardcore Gabber Drums app is an unusual drumkit made in my free time. It has hit the top 80 most downloaded app in the Dutch google play store.

Focus of the project:

  • Maintain an app for multiple operating systems
  • Update according to customer needs

Lessons learned:

  • Use of external plugins
  • UI scalablity
  • Maintaining an app on Google Play store / Windows Store

Android Link:
Windows phone link:

Fight of the Castle AR

Fight of the Castle AR is a fun tower defence augmented reality game made in my free time. It has been featured on multiple websites as shown below.

Focus of the project:

  • Finish an entire game
  • Being able to save the game data without Unity Player Prefs on handheld devices
  • Test new gameplay possibilities
  • Test hardware limitations of phone

What I’ve learned:

  • I’ve made the wrong decision on UI system (Used OnGUI instead of Unity UI)
  • Tested posibilities for shadow on mobile phones
  • Tested new gameplay mechanics via Augmented Reality
  • Difficult to meet requirements for most android devices
  • Learned to work with Vuforia

Link to Live Game Board:
Link to IndieGamesMag:
Link to the game: